Underground Safe Control

Undergound Safe Control
Ground-Based LiDAR Technology
for inspection, surveillance, mapping
and 3D modeling issue

Undergound Safe Control
We map all inaccessible areas with millimeters accuracy and detailed information
Inspection & Safety:
  • Visual information
  • 3D Control (LiDAR)
  • Deformation Control
  • Dimensional changes and Formation of fractures and cracks
Tunnel Documentation
  • Mine Maps
  • Tunnel Profiles
  • 3D Tunnel Models (csv, dxf, dwg, dgn, wrlm, obj, nwd, dm – Datamine, act)
Tunnel Quality Control
  • Overbreaks & Underbreaks
  • Volume Calculation
  • Theoretical and Real Tunnel
  • 3D Comparison
  • Shotcrete Thickness Calculation
  • Dimention Control (for equipment access ect.)