3D Tunnel Control

High-precision tunnel mapping and geometry control for optimizing safety, avoiding costly errors and ensuring adherence to project plans.

Overbreak – underbreak control; shotcrete thickness and volume control; immediate data processing for identification of hazardous areas and quick, qualified planning decisions. Within hours of blasting and drilling you can reliably verify whether new tunnel developments fall within project deviance tolerance and whether or not machinery and equipment can be moved in.

Tunnel Documentation

Mine Maps.

Tunnel Profiles: deviation of current state of tunnels and cavities vs. project plan.

3D Tunnel Models and triangle files: dxf, dwg, dgn, vrml, obj, nwd, iges.

Tunnel parameter control

3D Project Control: precise comparison between plan and real state of tunnel development.

Tunnel Readiness Control: control tunnel and cavity geometry to quickly verify accessibility for machinery, and readiness for installation of mine infrastructure.

Project quality & materal usage control

Rock Volume Overbreak and Underbreak Calculation.

Tunnel Surface Calculation and Shotcrete Volume Calculation.

Shotcrete Thickness Calculation & Control.