UAV Orthophoto

Various georeferencing options ( UTM, Mine GRID, WGS 84, etc. )
3D output and contour maps available

UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - generic aircraft design to operate with no human pilot onboard) is a valuable tool to collect data for inspection, surveillance, mapping and 3D modeling issues.

Control System is proud to introduce our cost-effective fixed-wing and multi-rotor solution for orthophoto generation and 3D mapping of your infrastructure and mine sites.

Control system

  • Up to date information: Most of sites are measured within one week after an order
  • Fast mobilization: High flexibility of this system allows deployment within hours
  • Prompt Deliverables usually between 1 - 3 days after data capturing
  • High resolution: 3 cm / px
  • High accuracy (UTM, Mine GRID, WGS 84, ect.)
  • 3D outputs / maps available
  • Low cost: Ask for a quote

Control system