Implementation & Training

Control System provides seamless implementation of 3D mapping technologies and solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements of the given project.

We also provide on-the-job training to ensure that our clients benefit from the multiple advantages of 3D mapping technologies from day one of deployment.

With an ever larger offer of 3D mine modelling applications on the market, it is now increasingly common for mine surveyors, geologists and geotechnicians to spend a disproportionate amount of time testing, choosing and learning new applications, getting to grips with upgrades etc. And then after considerable expenditure and investment of man-hours and funds, it can transpire that the choice of application(s) was evidently not the best and the results are disappointing to say the least.

With over a decade of research and successful work in the field of 3D mapping, Control System’s highly-qualified specialists provide on-site training to our clients’ surveyors to ensure accurate 3D data acquisition. From day one of training the data acquired can be processed by Control System’s in-house team in order for the client to immediately utilize and benefit from game-changing deliverables.

Should the client require conducting all processing of raw 3D data in house, our specialists assess and analyse the specific requirements of the client and propose optimal applications and solutions and ensure their smooth implementation."/>